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The Sub-Angstrom Low-Voltage Electron Microscopy Project at Ulm University started in 2009 as a research program for the development of electron microscopy for radiation sensitive materials, which cannot be investigated in high resolution with present technology.

Within SALVE, our research interests encompass imaging and spectroscopy of radiation sensitive materials (EMMS), image processing and calculation (EMMS), TEM sample preparation (EMMS), electron optics (EMMS), in-situ microscopy (EMMS, Institute for Micro and Nanomaterials (Prof. Krill) and the Institute for Optoelectronics (Prof. Scholz) and soft ware development (EMMS)), This broad and inter-related scope makes working in the SALVE III project professionally exciting.

Vacant Positions

Unfortunately we do not have any vacant positions at the time, but we would be pleased to receive your unsolicited application.