SALVE Center

The SALVE Microscopy Center, situated within the advanced SALVE building at the University of Ulm, is home to the state-of-the-art SALVE III microscope. SALVE III, developed through collaborative efforts by CEOS GmbH, FEI Company, and Ulm University, offers a unique set of capabilities. At the heart of SALVE III's capabilities is its ability to achieve exceptional resolutions at remarkably low voltages, specifically as low as 20 kV. This achievement, equating to only 15 times the electron wavelength at 40 kV accelerating voltage, has set new standards in phase-contrast TEM imaging. Moreover, SALVE III corrects chromatic aberration, greatly enhancing analytical imaging by providing large energy windows uniformly focused on the image plane. The microscope's proficiency in operating at lower voltages is particularly crucial for beam-sensitive specimens, such as low-D materials, those composed of lighter elements or biological materials, where electron beam damage is a concern.

SALVE III's instrumental resolution has broken barriers, ranging from 0.76 Å to 1.40 Å across the 80–20 kV voltage range, making atomic-level imaging possible at these low voltages. This achievement has significantly contributed to the advancement of electron microscopy technology, addressing current scientific challenges.

The SALVE III microscope has already played a pivotal role in numerous studies, spanning voltage ranges from 20 kV to 80 kV, and has achieved atomic resolution. It has been instrumental in exploring a wide range of scientific inquiries, including the imaging of biological samples and the investigation of the dynamics and reactivity of individual molecules. SALVE III has also shed light on bond energetics, electron beam energy effects on the stability of materials, and the imaging of di- and triatomic molecules, all of which have profound implications for materials science and chemistry research.

SALVE III has enabled in-depth investigations into beam damage processes at the single-atom level, advancing our understanding of radiation damage mechanisms in electron microscopy. The SALVE Microscopy Center, housing the cutting-edge SALVE III microscope, offers a unique and indispensable platform for researchers across various scientific domains. Its remarkable capabilities facilitate groundbreaking research, enabling atomic-level imaging, materials analysis, and the exploration of beam damage mechanisms. We invite scientists from diverse fields to leverage the resources and opportunities provided by the center for their scientific investigations and discoveries.